Monday, January 28, 2008


The sign, above the platform where the girls were walking up to, said;
A few girls with big tits, clad only in a bikini top and long, lacy bottoms walked up onto the wooden cat walk. Fred Duffy was standing at the ticket booth with a big stick
and a microphone in his hand.
"Ladies and gentlemen, Fred Duffy proudly presents, for the first time at your local Showground, a talented group of gorgeous beauties know as THE FRENCH FOLLIES! Let's have a round of applause for 'em folks as they walk out for your entertainment and pleasure!"
"Jesus!", said Kevin to Stan. "They're a rough-looking bunch of Sheilas!"
"Yeah. They get worse every year. Last years crew were a lot better than this bunch of whores." said Stan.
"I like the blonde in the grass skirt on the end, Kevin.", I said.
"She's the best of a bad bunch, Yorky."

Fred Duffy was 'sprooking' on the microphone for all he was worth now.
"Have a good look at 'em gentlemen. Where have ya seen as lovely a bunch of ladies like this before?"
"In mi shearing shed." Yelled Stan.

Fred Duffy ignored Stans funny comment as the crowd roared with laughter.
"These are the girls of your dreams gentlemen. Not one of them over 18! Young, tender virgins, here in the flesh, just waiting for an opportunity to dance for you on the stage, inside the tent. Come on gentlemen, git your money out. Fifty cents a ticket, right over here. All right ladies, down you go before ya git cold. First to pay gets the best spot. There they go down into the tent. Follow 'em in gentlemen and we'll get this show on the road."
"Come on Skippy", said Stan. "Git ya 50 cents out mate. Your too Yorky. It's too cold standing around out here. At least it may be a bit warmer in that tent!"

Kevin, Stan and Miself were one of the first customers in the tent and Stan was right, it was much warmer inside than it was outside. It took about 10 minutes before the show started because Fred Duffy wasn't going to run a show with a half-empty tent.

A young bloke with a microphone walked out on stage and everyone booed him and said,
"Git off the stage, mate. Where's the Sheilas we paid our good money to see?"